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Best Quran Reading Apps

Reading the Holy Quran is one of the most prominent acts of worship in the holy month of Ramadan among Muslims, and with the large number of smart phones and tablets, many Muslims have become dependent on iPhone and iPad applications to read the Holy Quran, because of the features provided by the Holy Quran applications, such as searching for words, interpreting verses, meanings of words, and translation for more. From the language and reading in the voice of many famous readers, in addition to the possibility of memorizing the verse that was stopped to complete the reading later. Therefore, in this article, we have collected for you a selection of the best iPhone and iPad applications for reading the Holy Quran, which are available for free in the software store.


Combines the beauty of design and ease of use, winner of the Kuwait International Award In its eighth version as the best Quran application, among the features of the app:

  1. It is distinguished by its adoption of the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Noble Quran in Madinah, due to its reliability and proficiency.
  2. A summary of the interpretation of the Noble Quran, which is distinguished by its ease of expression, with what it contains of a brief statement of the purposes of the chapters, and an elicitation of the most prominent gifts of the verses, and an explanation of the meanings of strange vocabulary in a distinctive color.
  3. Audio clips for distinguished reciters with full support to control recitation from screen lock, number of repetitions, and pause timer.
  4. Fast and advanced search, which combines searching for verses and surah names, and even quick scrolling by page numbers.
  5. Share a verse or several verses via social networks, text or image, with a beautiful and distinctive output.
  6. The Quranic separator is a sign that moves with you from one verse to another to help you follow up on your Quranic conclusion.
  7. Jot down your notes and musings during recitation and view them all beautifully and sequentially, with automatic formatting of notes as you write them.
  8. Star any verse for quick access later.
  9. Renewed Quranic benefits with every visit to the application.
  10. Dark background for more comfortable reading at night.

The Holy Quran App

Some features of the app include:

  1. Interacting with the text of the Quran in the Ottoman script at the verse level, which allows the user to interact with the verses of the Quran instead of its pages.
  2. The advantage of listening to the verses with the possibility of repeating or repeating in the middle of the heard verse. The program also provides many reciters so that the listener can download any of the reciters when needed.
  3. Inclusion of a distinctive system for memorizing reading sites so that the reciter can select and memorize the verse for reference. The program also allows the user more than one indicator to return in different colors that allow him to multiply stamps and readings in an easy and beautiful way.
  4. The program provides the reader with the ability to refer to the interpretation or translation of any verse in real time by selecting the verse on the pages of the Quran.
  5. The program displays the background of the pages in multiple colors that allow the reader to choose the color that is comfortable for him. The program also allows the reader to read at night, which colors the background in black and white lines to give the reader complete comfort when reading in a low-light environment.
  6. The program provides the user with a report of the number of verses, pages, and chapters he has read, and calculates the time spent for that reading.
  7. The program facilitates the text search feature in the verses of the Quran through instant search and display of results with pages, in addition to the possibility of going to the page and shading the background of the selected verse to make it easier for the user to know it.
  8. The program provides many other features that help in easy and facilitating reading, which have been designed by professional designers who have won international awards in the field of user interface design.

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تطبيق القرآن الكريم


يقدم لكم بيت التمويل الكويتي أحدث البرامج التي تم تطويرها لخدمة المستخدم المسلم بالإستفادة من التقنيات الحديثة المتوفرة. برنامج القرآن الكريم برنامج متخصص بعرض القرآن الكريم وإستماعة بصورة تفاعلية ميسرة. يوظف البرنامج البيئة الجديدة على هواتف الآي فون مما يتيح للمستخدم التفاعل مع القرآن الكريم بسهولة ويسر مع الإحتفاظ بجماليات المصحف الشريف من خطوط بالرسم العثماني ونقوش دلائل الآيات والسور. من اهم مميزات البرنامج: 1.التفاعل مع نص القرآن بالخط العثماني على مستوى الآية مما يتيح للمستخدم التفاعل مع آيات المصحف بدلا عن صفحاته. 2.إدراج نظام مميز لحفظ مواقع القراءة بحيث يتمكن القارئي من تحديد الآية وحفظها لرجوع لها. كما يتيح البرنامج للمستخدم عدد غير محدود من الفواصل يسمح له بمتابعة الختمات والقراءات بصورة ميسرة وجميلة. 3.يعرض البرنامج خلفية الصفحات بألوان متعددة تتيح للقارئ إختيار اللون المريح بالنسبة له. كما يتيح البرنامج للقارئ القراءة الليلية والتي تلون الخلفية باللون الأسود والخطوط البيضاء لتعطي القارئ الراحة التامة عند القراءة في أجواء منخفضة الإضائة. 4.ييسر البرنامج خاصية البحث النصي في آيات القرآن من خلال البحث اللحظي وعرض النتائج مع الصفحات بالإضافة إلى إمكانية الذهاب للصفحة وتظليل خلفية الآية المختارة ليسهل على المستخدم معرفتها. كما يوفر البرنامج العديد من المميزات الأخرى التي تساعد على القراءة السهلة والميسرة. 5. دعم الشاشات الكبيرة لأجهزة الآيباد بإمكانية عرض أكثر من صفحة على الشاشة مع المحافظة على ميزة عرض الصفحة بصورة كبيرة تملأ الشاشة بالعرض. 6. عرض التفاسير المختلفة بصورة تتيح للقارئ التصفح السهل والتنقل بين الآيات. 7. الإستماع لأشهر القراء بصورة تفاعلية تربط ما بين الآيات على صفحات المصحفة والتلاوة المسموعة Brought to you by Kuwait Finance House, The Holy Quran is the latest application developed to serve Muslim users who are seeking to benefit from the latest available mobile technology. The Holy Quran application is specially designed to both display and provide audio for the Holy Quran in a simple and interactive way. This application is implemented on the iPhone and iPod touch which gives the user an ability to interactive with the Holy Quran easily plus keeping the beauties of the Holy Quran such as the Othmani font, Inscriptions and Directories of Soura & Ayah.


Mus'haf from i4islam

The iPhone Islam Quran is one of the first Arab and international applications that provided a wonderful experience while reading the Holy Quran with simulation of the effect of real paper when turning pages in the application, in addition to many common advantages between it and the aforementioned applications. The iPhone Islam Quran is characterized by freedom in choosing the Quran and interpretations And favorite readers, you can change the Qur’an within the application, as it contains a group of Qur’ans with several narrations. You can review the full article about the application from the iPhone Islam website through the following link:

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Mus'haf | مصحف آي-فون إسلام


الفكرة التي تم بناء مصحف آي-فون إسلام عليها هى الحرية، أنت حر تماماً في كل شيء. عندما بحثنا في المتجر وجدنا أن معظم تطبيقات المصحاف تجبر المستخدم على أمر أو أكثر، تجبره على القراءة في مصحف محدد، الاستماع إلى القرآن بصوت شيخ معين، تفاسير معينة، طريقة التصفح معينة وغيرها من الأمور. لذلك قررنا أن نجعل مستخدم مصحف آي-فون إسلام يختار كل شيء، يحمل المصحف الذي يرتاح مع القراءة فيه، يختار الشيخ الذي يفضل السماع إلى القرآن بصوته، وكذلك التفسير، وحتى طريقة تقليب الصفحات يمكنه اختيارها From the makers of the first Arabic App for the iPhone and the first Arabic iPhone Blog (iPhoneIslam). Have you ever fancied having unique copies of the Quran written by leading calligraphers and using different styles of calligraphy from various locations in the Islamic world? Now with iPhoneIslam’s Mus'haf you can have access to a big library of beautiful Quran copies, including some of rarest copies of Holy Quran in museums that no one can even touch. iPhoneIslam’s Mus'haf offers the flexibility and openness to select among variants (Ahruf) and recitations (Qiraat). • New Interface, Enriched! Enriching the reading experience with elegant and clever interface scroll or flip, it is up to you to decide with a simple finger swipe on the screen how you would like to read Quran on your iPhone or iPad. • Orientation Flexibility Mus’haf does not force you to one specific orientation as you can choose from both page orientations (portrait & landscape), for better and easier reading experience. • Tafsir at Fingertips Read the Quran Tafsir from different Tafsir Schools with different languages. • Smart Bookmarks iPhoneIslam Mus'haf comes with a new concept of bookmarks based on events. You can add endless bookmarks of your own like “My daughter’s repeating lesson”, or “Daily Quran wird”, and each instance of your bookmarks will be considered as a unique event with its own remarks. Hence, you can control your bookmarks with ease and efficiency, no matter how many or different they are. • Spread the Word With iPhoneIslam Mus'haf you can share pages of Holy Quran or just parts of any specific verses with your family members and friends using social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, you can add some very vivid effects and frames of your choice to reinforce your message. ------------------------------ ◉ More Features • Surah-by-surah and verse-by-verse recitations by more than 35 Shiekh. • Choose how to turn Quran pages; physical page-turning effect, or one page flip transition. • Sura Index, in addition to a fast way to navigate without leaving the current page while reading. • Automatic bookmarking for the last read page. • No Waiting or page loading. • Landscape reading mode (WideScreen), with full page fit (No-scrolling mode). • Amazing magnifier glass. • Take screen shots of any page and save it in your photos folder or share it via social network. • Support for Arabic & English. ------------------------------ iPhoneIslam Spreading Values By Technology Follow us on Find us on Visit us at


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